Both public and private R&D is driving the continuous expansion

Finland has one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world, offering high value for money spent. The Finnish healthcare system consists of highly educated professionals – driving the growth of cutting-edge research and treatment in specialist areas, such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and disorders, orthopedics and genetics research. Finland aims to be a model country of sustainable personalized healthcare.

In this brochure Business Finland has collected the most important cancer research innovators from The Land Of A Thousand Lakes (yes, that's Finland), and naturally Grundium is there too. To read about cancer expertise in Finland download the brochure PDF here.

About Grundium

Grundium is a global leader in advanced imaging technology. Established in 2015 by ex-Nokia engineers, the Tampere-based company is democratising digital pathology with the Ocus whole slide imaging microscope scanner. The cutting-edge imaging solutions are based on over 20 years of experience in optics, sensors and processing. Grundium serves various industries and businesses enhancing quality and processes, protecting human life and safeguarding a clean environment.
It is invaluable to be able to ask more experienced colleagues for their opinion and the Ocus would enable me to do it in a matter of minutes from my home office. This is approximately the time it would take me to visit a colleague in the office next-door, only now, I can invite more people from different locations for this digital review at the same time from any location.
— Dr. Alexandra Zuraw

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