The Ocus®40 is optimized for remote work

On June 12th 2020 Grundium launches the Ocus®40 scanner, a sister model to the Ocus®, which has been on the market since 2018. The new scanner comes with a near-identical form factor and weight, but it does a few things differently from the previous model.

The Grundium Ocus®40 is optimized for remote operation. The fully automatic coarse and fine focusing enable it to be the imaging component in systems, where tissue or fluid samples are collected and the slides prepared and scanned on site where the patient is, but the diagnosis is done online by pathologists in a different location, anywhere in the world. The Grundium Ocus®40 works like a webserver. The pathologist logs in to the Ocus software in their browser where they can remotely operate the scanner to look at any part of the slide. The Remote Live View feature also lends itself to making rapid onsite evaluation. This is the very essence of telepathology but made easy.

Compared to its sister model, the Ocus®40 has higher magnification optics, producing incredibly sharp images and capable of handling demanding cytology. The scanning time at such high resolution isn’t more than ~3 minutes for the standard 15 x 15 mm area, but the open design of the scanner, the fast setup time and ease of use really make the Ocus®40 a fast piece of equipment. Not to mention the fact that being so small it can find a place in any lab, desk or counter and so be accessible right next to where the slide is prepared/scanned. The Grundium Ocus microscope scanners are the most practical in the world.

The Grundium Ocus®40 can be integrated with any workflow models and lab systems and it supports the most common file formats, .svs and .tiff. The browser-based software works with any system. It also comes without any annual/monthly fees or hidden costs. Grundium’s APIs make it possible for AI to be integrated in the process.

Read more about the two Grundium scanners’ similarities and differences here.


About Grundium

Grundium is a global leader in advanced imaging technology. Established in 2015 by ex-Nokia engineers, the Tampere-based company is democratising digital pathology with the Ocus whole slide imaging microscope scanner. The cutting-edge imaging solutions are based on over 20 years of experience in optics, sensors and processing. Grundium serves various industries and businesses enhancing quality and processes, protecting human life and safeguarding a clean environment.
The simplicity of pulling digital test results enable easy interdisciplinary consultation and comprehensive patient care.
— Teppo Haapaniemi
Fimlab Ltd. Specializing Medical Cell Biologist, Pathology

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