The patent covers the Grundium Ocus’ operating principle.

The patent covers the Grundium Ocus’ operating principle. It includes the device, its method of creating a very sharp image of the scanned slide, and the software with which the system is operated and the image viewed and shared. The way the Ocus performs the scan, including separate imaging for the RGB colors and changing focus in continuous motion, delivers the highest sharpness images in digital pathology.

The patent unequivocally recognizes the Grundium Ocus as a unique personal WSI microscope scanner. That all this excellence comes as a compact, beautifully designed object and at a fraction of the cost of a conventional multi-slide scanner is what makes the Grundium Ocus so important in driving digital pathology.

About Grundium

Grundium is a global leader in advanced imaging technology. Established in 2015 by ex-Nokia engineers, the Tampere-based company is democratising digital pathology with the Ocus whole slide imaging microscope scanner. The cutting-edge imaging solutions are based on over 20 years of experience in optics, sensors and processing. Grundium serves various industries and businesses enhancing quality and processes, protecting human life and safeguarding a clean environment.
The simplicity of pulling digital test results enable easy interdisciplinary consultation and comprehensive patient care.
— Teppo Haapaniemi
Fimlab Ltd. Specializing Medical Cell Biologist, Pathology

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